Why Registered Nurses Receive Higher Salary

According to a survey conducted by CNN about the top 50 best jobs to have in the US, two specialized nursing jobs are present in the top 15. If you are still indecisive for a career to pursue, consider nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists as great top choices as these two professions are in the number four and fifteen respectively as best jobs to practice. Why these two are included in the list equates to the question of how does $85,200 to $113,000 for nurse practitioners or $157,000 to $214,000 for nurse anesthetists as annual median salary sounds?

Appealing as the salary figure is (to calculate your salary check our 7 pay commission salary calculator ), the high of level of stress and pressure present in this kind of job is enough reason why a higher salary is a must for healthcare workers. At all times, nurses must always do their jobs well. By a job well, it doesn’t only entail tending to the patient’s needs as part of the job description but with full diligence, vigilance and patience. It is always expected for nurses to observe both in their discretion and professional ethics to always make sure that the service they are providing uplifts the patient’s well being and wellness. Irresponsibility and even honest mistakes doesn’t have the room for healthcare professionals including nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetics. Also check our gratuity calculator here http://7thpaycommissionguide.in/gratuity-calculator/

Looking far beyond the salary figures, all the reasons why nurses and related field of work must receive just compensation, these two jobs despite its paralleled level of stress and pressures are the kind of jobs that have been positively rated as the most satisfying and that will easily alleviate growth career-wise and job security. The nature of work that these two jobs have also asserts esteem and respect with regard to the importance and benefits of their professions to other people and in general and larger scale, to the society. The weight of this importance is deliberated with the heavy responsibilities and obligations that they always carry above their shoulders since they are taking care of people’s health and if taken to full extent, to the people’s lives.

If you are asking how to become a nurse, earn your way in 2 to 3 years thru an associate’s degree in nursing offered by community and junior colleges that and a diploma program administered by some hospitals in the country. But, if you are just about to decide what career you are going to step in, getting a full Bachelor’s of Science with a degree in nursing will give you the advantage and better odds with career opportunities that implies higher registered nurse salary.