Stack-On 14 Gun Fire Safe Review

Security – 4.5/5 Rating

This safe is electronically locked, and access is granted via a keypad. Combinations are set after purchase by the user, and the keypad automatically deactivates once three incorrect attempts are made at the password. In addition to the keypad, a key grants users access in case the combination is forgotten. Obviously, care should be taken when hiding the key, and the combination should never be written down or shared. The safe uses five locking points, including two dead bolts and three smaller action bolts. This is a moderate security safe without any of the cracking prevention measures (glass panes, vibration alarms, etc.) that are found on higher end best rated gun safes.

California DOJ Approval

The Stack-On 14 Gun Fire Safe conforms to all of the California DOJ requirements set out in Californian Penal Code Section 12088.

Overall – 4.3/5 Rating

For hunters and beginning gun enthusiasts, the Stack-On represents a great value in gun safes. While this safe does not have some higher end features, and it weighs a little on the light side, it is remarkably cheap for the level of security provided. An ideal application of this safe would be for a hunting cabin or vacation property where guns are kept only temporarily, or for a small collection of hunting rifles and shotguns.


  • Very good value. One of the cheapest 14 gun safes on the market
  • Electronic keypad access makes it easy to get to firearms in a hurry
  • Keeps firearms protected during small house fires or during burglaries


  • Determined robbers can lift the safe and take it with them
  • Possible to remove door with power tools or explosives
  • Limited room for handgun storage

Warranty – 4.8/5 Rating

Stack-on offers a lifetime guarantee on all fire-resistant safes that are purchased in North America. According to the company, they will replace or repair any safe that is “damaged due to theft or fire at any time” while owned by the purchaser. Stack-on does not, however, insure or warrant against theft or fire damage for the contents of the safe.