A Better Way to Shop for Your New Platform Bed

Remember back when life was simple?  Generations ago, our great grand parents had not heard of product reviews or consumer reports because there were just one or two brands of a product, and people bought them, not giving much thought as to which product was better.

Today, things are a little different. Our multiple-choice society has never been at its best. You want cereal? There must be over 500 varieties of this breakfast staple. You need new winter tires? Americans, French, Japanese, Canadians, and maybe even Martians (give them a couple of years) will fight for your business. Want to surprise a honeymooning couple with a mattress when they settle in their new home? A blinding array of types, brands, material components, and thickness is going to make you…

Dizzy. To say the least. Maybe you need to lie down for awhile.

The thing about shopping these days – whether online or offline – is that you can do two things: choose and try. You could be choosing from sunrise to sundown, since you’ll need plenty of time to go through catalogs and catalogs; as for trying, most mattress retailers and wholesalers would only be pleased to ship their goods to you so you can try their brand for a few days. Entrepreneurs have learned what it takes to win a customer. “Sleep on our bed, no commitment on your part,” Quite an incentive that’s difficult to resist. No shipping and handling either.

We hopefully, can help you find the Platform bed or guest rollaway bed that will fit perfectly into your home.  We have brought together as much information as possible to assist you in finding the right bed for you and you can also check out the items for sale at our preferred distributors websites.  We have tried our hardest to take the guesswork out of your shopping experience.